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Community Notices

Welcome to our Community Events and Notices E-News for Thursday, February 16, 2017

New listings this week:

1) New Study Group: Women in Canada: 50 Years of Change, now beginning March 2
2) Bystanders Can Save Lives
3) ACT’s “The Dining Room” – at Le Carrefour Theatre
4) The Old Stock: Songs of PEI Black History
5) Indigenous Canada is a Massive Open Online Course – Registration Now Open
6) Black Heritage Night
7) Jack Frost Children’s Winterfest 2017
8) February Vegan Potluck
9) Town of Cornwall Newsletter
10) City of Charlottetown – Fix It Fair
11) PEIBWA Activities
12) Annual Event: Grandmothers to Grandmothers Fabric & Yarn Sale
13) Need a hand to complete your tax return?

The current and past issues of our Thursday E-News with upcoming community events and notices are available at the following links:


Previous listings by title

To view the e-newsletter with specific details about an event, click on the title link. Lots of things happening next week:



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Community Notices

Welcome to our Community Events and Notices E-News for Thursday, January 12, 2017

New listings this week:

1) Health Literacy Workshops
2) PEIBWA News
3) World Religion Day
4) Invitation to Become Involved in Migrant Worker Rights in PEI
5) Abortion Rights Network/Abortion Access Now PEI Meeting
6) Open Pages Celebrating New Island Books
7) Free Workshop on Building Better Homes
8) Family Literacy Day
9) ACT 4 Global Change Challenge
10) Family Sundays at CCAG
11) Women’s Improv
12) UPEI Political Science Society “Women in Politics” Event

The current and past issues of our Thursday E-News with upcoming community events and notices are available at the following links:


Previous listings by title

To view the e-newsletter with specific details about an event, click on the title link. Lots of things happening next week:


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Community Notices

Welcome to our Community Events and Notices E-News for Thursday, December 8, 2016

New listings this week:

1) December 6 Memorial Service Photo Gallery
2) PEIBWA Activities
3) Anderson House Current Needs List
4) Community Legal Information Association (CLIA) PEI Annual Open House
5) Christmas Festivities in Bonshaw
6) Artisans Market at the Charlottetown Farmers Market
7) Book Launch – Bird Calls: The Island Responds by Jane Ledwell
8) New at Status of Women Canada / Nouveauté à Condition féminine Canada
9) Days for Girls
10) PAC Mini Grants Available for Municipalities for Family Violence Prevention Week
11) PEIANC Christmas Open House
12) Online course: Hive Mind: Engaging the Public for the Greater Good
13) A Deeper Truth – Life Writing for Women
14) Stand with LEAF So We Can Stand Up for Women and Girls

The current and past issues of our Thursday E-News with upcoming community events and notices are available at the following links:


Previous listings by title

To view the e-newsletter with specific details about an event, click on the title link. Lots of things happening next week:


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Community Notices

Welcome to our Community Events and Notices E-News for Thursday, February 11, 2016

New listings this week:

1) TRC Study Group, 2nd Session – February 18
2) Premier’s Action Committee on Family Violence Prevention Release Strategy
3) PEIBWA Upcoming Events
4) Family Violence Prevention Week Activities
5) Your Parts and Beyond: Sexual Health, You and Your Community
6) CFUW Charlottetown Meeting
7) Symposium on Retirement Readiness
8) Jack Frost Festival
9) Winter River Snow Shoe Event
10) Request for Stakeholder Feedback

The current and past issues of our Thursday E-News with upcoming community events and notices are available at the following links:


Previous listings by title

To view the e-newsletter with specific details about an event, click on the title link. Lots of things happening next week

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Open Letter from the PEI Abortion Rights Network

qH1tg6tH_400x400View as a PDF: FINAL-abortion-rights-letter-May-201

PEI Abortion Rights Network
c/o Voluntary Resource Centre, 81 Prince Street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 4R3

May 22, 2015

Premier H. Wade MacLauchlan
Hon. Doug Currie
Province of Prince Edward Island

Dear Premier MacLauchlan and Minister Currie:

We write collectively today from an emergency meeting of the PEI Abortion Rights Network, held at the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women office on four hours’ notice and attended by 25 concerned people. This is an open letter from the group.

We write to demand immediate action for local access to abortion care in Prince Edward Island. This care must include – but not be limited to – local access to surgical abortion in a Prince Edward Island hospital or hospitals. Immediate steps are necessary to safeguard women’s health.

Yesterday, one woman told her story of being denied care to follow up a prescribed medication-based termination of pregnancy. It is our understanding that she was not offered medical procedures that would determine the status of her pregnancy or any human care or kindness. This is not the first story Prince Edward Island women have told about the terrible lack of follow-up medical care for women who are prescribed a medication-based abortion.

What has brought us together today is the fresh attention on this issue.

Lack of appropriate aftercare puts women’s lives and health at risk and cannot be tolerated.

As a first principle, let it be stated that the best and most important back-up to a medication-based abortion is local access to safe, legal surgical abortion. All other steps and recommendations that follow are important as stop-gaps but would not replace local access.

We call on government to take the following actions:

1) Enhancing communications and navigation of systems for abortion care

A very small number of doctors are aware of the protocols for a medication-based abortion. Only a half-dozen doctors are trained in the protocol. Lack of access to safe, surgical options has created intense pressure on doctors to provide this medical care. There is a veil of secrecy over access to medication-based care. This forces community-based advocates for reproductive rights to become gatekeepers for information and access to medical abortion. This is not acceptable.

We call for immediate publication of online information about abortion services that directs people to a local, PEI-based phone number and email address where they are guaranteed confidential, non-judgmental service by a comprehensively well-informed person(s) who is able to provide information about options for abortion care and how to access them.

In the absence of adequate non-stigmatized follow-up care for medication abortions and in the absence of surgical abortion back-up if the protocol is unsuccessful, women require more information from Health PEI about what to expect from a medication abortion. Clear, illustrated print and online medical information is essential. It should be supported by a 24-hour on-call appropriately trained information service, preferably a medical practitioner, available to answer women’s questions during the process of a medication-based termination. This model functions well at facilities across the country, both hospital-based and free-standing facilities.

2) Establishing a policy framework for medication-based abortions

As noted above, it is best practice to have surgical back-up to medication-based abortion. Lack of local surgical abortion in PEI hospitals or clinics limits access even to medication-based abortion care for Island women. Local access would improve uptake of the medication abortion protocol in lieu of surgical termination.

In the fall of of 2015, Health Canada is expected to make a ruling on Canadian access to a first-rate drug for medication-based abortion, mifepristone. This drug is widely used in Europe and other countries. It is far more reliably successful than the protocol currently available (methyltrexate and misoprostol) and can be administered up to nine weeks’ gestation, rather than just seven.

In light of the current and possible future use of medications for abortion in PEI, we recommend that the Province of Prince Edward Island immediately set a comprehensive billing number for medication abortion. Billing numbers exist in British Columbia and Ontario to provide models for Prince Edward Island policy.

Additionally, when mifepristone is approved by Health Canada in 2015, we ask that it immediately be added to the provincial formulary.

It is important to note that while greater access to medication abortions will make a big difference for Prince Edward Island women, there will always be women who prefer surgical abortion care. A woman’s preference for surgical care may relate to its high success rate, the certainty and finality of the surgical outcome, or the ability to plan around a specific date. Some women will always also require surgical abortion care, especially women who have gone past the gestational limit for medication abortions or women for whom a medication abortion would not be medically appropriate.

Local access to safe and legal surgical abortion remains crucial.

3) Establishing local dedicated clinic days for women seeking abortion care

Last year, Health PEI made a business case for repatriating abortion care, including surgical abortion, to Prince Edward Island hospitals through a hospital-based clinic. The model presented in this report, with its clear case for the feasibility of local surgical abortion access in a local hospital, must be reconsidered as the next step for bringing abortion care back into the Prince Edward Island health system.

If clinic days were to be established within a comprehensive women’s health centre or a full-service sexual and reproductive health clinic, all the better, since the state of access to sexual and reproductive health care in Prince Edward Island is shameful, unacceptable, and must be acted on with the most urgent priority.

Women’s health is at stake. The time to act is now.


Representatives of the PEI Abortion Rights Network
Additional signatures follow

cc: Dr. Richard Wedge, Health PEI
Hon. Paula Biggar, Minister Responsible for the Status of Women

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Bilingual Municipal Election Guide 2012

Municipal Elections Guide cover image

Women Care for Communities / L’Engagement feminin au sein des collectivités

Bilingual Municipal Election Guide 2012


Local Governments Need Women as Voters and Leaders

Charlottetown – The PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women is releasing “Women Care for Communities,” a guide to upcoming municipal elections.

“On November 5, municipal elections are happening in the Island’s small municipalities. We want women to be a big part of those elections,” says Council Executive Director Jane Ledwell. “Women have a lot to contribute, whether they are running for elected office or turning out to vote and have their say.”

The Advisory Council applauds the Province’s municipal affairs division for promoting women’s participation in the upcoming elections, and wants to add its own message about how important local governments are to women in PEI. The “Women Care for Communities” municipal election guide for 2012 will be available online at or by emailing

Says Ledwell, “Our new municipal election guide highlights the many ways local governments affect women’s lives. In areas including safety, environment, housing, transportation, recreation, and culture, small communities can make improvements. Including women and other under-represented groups is good for community life.”

The guide also highlights the goal of increasing representation of women in government. “There is success to build on in small communities,” Ledwell says. “The PEI Coalition for Women in Government has shown that in past elections, women have made up more than 30% of municipal councillors. That’s a high-water mark women haven’t hit in other levels of government on PEI. Municipalities are great places to shape women leaders.”

Look for the municipal election guide on October 18, the national anniversary of Persons Day, when women were first declared “persons” under Canadian law in 1929.

“Persons Day is a perfect time to reflect on women in elected office and in community leadership,” says Ledwell. “We hope people will mark the day by checking out our elections guide and thinking about their role as leaders and voters in their communities.”

Les administrations municipales sollicitent les votes et la participation des femmes

Charlottetown – On pourra bientôt consulter L’engagement féminin au sein des collectivités, un guide des élections municipales 2012 mis au point par le Conseil consultatif sur la situation de la femme de l’Î.-P.-É.

« Nous voulons que les femmes prennent une part active aux élections municipales qui auront lieu dans les petites collectivités de l’Île le 5 novembre, a annoncé Jane Ledwell, directrice générale du Conseil. Les femmes ont beaucoup à offrir, que ce soit en se présentant comme candidates ou en votant pour faire valoir leurs opinions. »

Le Conseil consultatif applaudit les efforts de la division des Affaires municipales de la province pour promouvoir la participation des femmes aux prochaines élections. Le Conseil tient également à faire valoir l’importance des administrations municipales pour les femmes de l’Île. C’est pourquoi il a mis au point un guide des élections municipales intitulé L’engagement féminin au sein des collectivités que les gens pourront consulter en ligne à l’adresse ou se procurer par courriel à

« Notre nouveau guide des élections municipales fait état des nombreuses répercussions que les administrations municipales peuvent avoir sur la vie des femmes, a souligné madame Ledwell. Les petites collectivités peuvent apporter des améliorations en matière de sécurité, d’environnement, de logement, de transport, de loisirs et de culture. L’inclusion des femmes et d’autres groupes sous-représentés ne fait qu’enrichir la vie communautaire. »

Le guide souligne également l’importance d’accroître la représentation des femmes au sein des gouvernements. « Nous pouvons nous appuyer sur le succès connu dans les petites collectivités, de dire madame Ledwell. Selon les recherches effectuées par la PEI Coalition for Women in Government, les femmes ont représenté plus de 30 % des conseillers municipaux. Il s’agit d’un niveau de représentation que les femmes n’ont pas réussi à atteindre dans les autres paliers de gouvernement à l’Î.-P.-É. Les municipalités sont des endroits idéaux où encourager les femmes à devenir de véritables leaders. »

Le guide des élections municipales sera disponible le 18 octobre à l’occasion de la Journée nationale de l’affaire « personne », qui souligne la journée à laquelle les femmes ont été reconnues en tant que personnes en vertu de la loi canadienne en 1929.

« La Journée nationale de l’affaire “personne” est l’occasion parfaite pour nous de reconnaitre la contribution des femmes aux postes d’élus et au leadership communautaire, d’ajouter madame Ledwell. Nous espérons que les gens souligneront la journée en consultant notre guide des élections et en réfléchissant à leur rôle en tant que leaders et électrices. »

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Showcase Invitation

Save the Date!

STEPS for Women Community Projects Showcase    
October 25, 2011
2 – 5 pm
Faith Bible Church
392 St Peter’s Road, Charlottetown
Panel discussions, presentations, interactive activities, refreshments

Please join us for this presentation of community projects produced within the STEPS framework.

STEPS for Women is an umbrella project designed to develop leadership skills of women  supporting vulnerable populations in the province of Prince Edward Island in different capacities,  and strengthen the problem solving skills of women in vulnerable groups. Each participant used  their interest‐based skills to plan, execute and evaluate a project that supports them to share their knowledge and skills in communication and problem solving with vulnerable women in their  communities.

STEPS for Women, coordinated by the PEI Rape and Sexual Assault Centre, is  Funded by Status of Women Canada. The PEI Interministerial Women’s Secretariat  funded the Showcase and Projects Section of the STEPS website.

For more information contact:
Sigrid Rolfe, Project Coordinator (902) 566­‐1894 or visit

Participating Organizations: Boys and Girls Club of PEI, Chief Mary Bernard Memorial Women’s Shelter, Community Legal Information Association, Cooper Institute, East Prince Women’s Information Centre, Grandmother’s House, PEI Advisory  Council on the Status of Women, PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada, PEI Council of People with Disabilities, PEI Family Violence Prevention Services, PEI People First, PEI Rape and Sexual Assault Centre,  The Adventure Group, Victim Services of PEI, Women’s Network PEI

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