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The Prince Edward Island Advisory Council on the Status of Women is an arm’s-length from government advisory agency. The nine members of Council are appointed by government to work for equality and to support women’s full and active participation in social, legal, cultural, economic, and political spheres of life.

Opinions expressed on this blog are not necessarily those of the Council Chairperson or individual Council Members or Staff. They do not necessarily reflect the final policy views or recommendations of the Council. Rather, the ideas and comments are meant to reflect evolving and emerging thinking on issues of importance to Prince Edward Island women, girls, and families. We reserve the right to explore ideas, to make mistakes, and to learn and refine perspectives through interacting with readers.

Our primary website is http://gov.pe.ca/acsw

Also find us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/peistatusofwomen

Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/peiacsw

Videos on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/peistatusofwomen


Members of the Advisory Council on the Status of Women set guidelines for posts to this blog at a meeting September 24, 2007, and in e-mail discussion following.

• All comments will be moderated.
• All anonymous comments will be rejected.
• All comments that provide no return e-mail address will be rejected.
• Comments that include personal attacks on individual Council members, staff, or community members will be rejected.
• The ACSW team is committed to interactive dialogue, but the staff is small and cannot promise responses to all comments.


The PEIACSW blog is being launched by staff on a trial basis, as of October 2007. Council members will be asked to assess and evaluate staff and Council time investment as well as blog contents, comments, and early effects at the next Council meeting, November 26, 2007.

Council will decide whether or not to continue the blog at the January 2008 meeting, but the blog can be cancelled and deleted at any time at the direction of Council.

Blog policies can be changed with the approval of a majority of Council members at any time.


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  2. Gail Rhyno said

    First time I’m seeing this blog…yet sooo much important information here. Glad to have found it, will be reading through and sharing what I find here. Hope this blog keeps updating.

  3. peipie said

    Stumbled across this blog while looking up info on poverty on PEI.

    I wonder if there are recent studies showing what’s become of girls who grew up in poverty on PEI?

    – peipie

    • peiacsw said

      I’m not aware of any recent studies that follow up on girls who grew up in poverty on PEI, but this is an interesting question to follow up. It would be worthwhile for you to let the government know that this is a question you are interested in as part of Government’s poverty reduction planning.

  4. Stan Squires said

    I am from vancouver and i supports women’s right to an abortion.You can always tell how good a gov. is by how it treats the women of the provence.The PEI gov. should be condemned by all progressive people in canada for not having abortion facilities available for the women of PEI.This is a disgrace that needs to be fought against.I hope this will change soon.

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