International Women’s Day Gallery 2018

Despite the winter weather, the Status of Women and our community partners celebrated another rollicking International Women’s Day!

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate and to keeping pushing for equality: Hon. Sean Casey MP, Deputy Speaker and MLA Kathleen Casey, RCMP Chief Superintendent Jennifer Ebert; speakers Jillian Kilfoil, Paola Soto, Jen Tividad, Maram ElSenary, and Bayan Radhi; and dancers Garima Mishra and Rinku Upadhyaya, Jordan Legere, and Samantha Lewis (Executive Director of the Aboriginal Women’s Association).

Financial and time resources were contributed by local unions, women’s, and social justice organizations (see complete sponsor list at the end of the photo gallery). A special thanks to the women of the IWD Organizing Committee who arranged for all the participatory activities and excellent presentations: Paola Soto, Ann Wheatley, Debbie and Ellie Langston, Amy Clerk, Nancy Clement, Taylor Carruthers, Hannah Gehrels, Donna Dingwell, and Mistress of Ceremonies Farahnaz Rezaei.

(You can view the photos by scrolling down on this page or click on the first photo and flip through the photo carousel that displays, using the arrows).





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