Community Notices

Welcome to our Community Events and Notices E-News for Thursday, June 22, 2017

New listings this week:

1) New Template for Our Weekly E-News
2) Stars for Life Yard Sale
3) Soul Food is Sunday June 25, 2016!
4) Fun in the City’s Greenspace
5) PEI Touch a Truck Third Annual Fundraiser
6) First Nation Communities Read at the Confederation Centre Public Library
7) Farm Animal Fun 2-day Camp
8) PEIBWA Activities
9) SOSS PEI Urges Support for Court Action to Protect the Gulf of St. Lawrence
10) THIS PLACE MATTERS │ APT-National Trust Joint Conference │ Canada Historic Places Day
11) Global Awareness of Barrenness
12) Festival for the Bog
13) Camp Familial Culturel du 14 au 17 août 2017

The current and past issues of our Thursday E-News with upcoming community events and notices are available at the following links:


Previous listings by title

To view the e-newsletter with specific details about an event, click on the title link. Lots of things happening next week…



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