Women in Canada Study Group 2017 Photo Gallery

Fifty years ago, on February 16, 1967, the historic Royal Commission on the Status of Women was launched. Using this landmark Royal Commission as a starting point, the Advisory Council on the Status of Women and the Aboriginal Women’s Association hosted a bi-weekly study group to consider women’s equality decade by decade, from 1967-2017.

The study group considered: What was particularly relevant for women during each 10-year period? How has women’s equality advanced in the last 50 years? Which women were left out of consideration and remain underrepresented in decision-making today?

The Advisory Council was pleased with the participation and engagement of those who attended the study group. Often the comments centred around when feminist awareness and ideals were awakened, related to personal and societal experiences.  Thank you to everyone who reflected so openly, generously and wisely to the discussion. Wela’lin.


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