Remembering Diane Kays

Diane Kays, our former Chairperson, died March 28, 2015. She would have completed her five-year term on the Advisory Council on the Status of Women on March 1, 2016. This month, in Diane’s memory, we presented a memorial service award to her sister, Doreen Kays.


R-L: Jane Ledwell, PEI Status of Women Executive Director recently presented the Diane Kays 2016 Service Award to Doreen Kays, Diane’s sister.

Service Award – The PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women thanks Diane Kays

Diane Kays of Charlottetown served as Chairperson of the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women from 2011 until her death in March 2015. She was the Council’s 16th Chairperson since 1975. Diane took on the leadership of the Advisory Council during a time of transition and transformation. Her unswerving feminism, her commitment to front-line work and workers, her professionalism and collaborative spirit, and her amazing experience with victims of trauma, abuse, and violence left an indelible mark on the Council. Diane was also funny, loving, adventurous, intelligent, and kind. Council staff, government officials for the status of women, and Council members who served alongside Diane will appreciate and remember her always.

In remembrance of Diane, for her extraordinary leadership in helping the PEI ACSW advance the status of women in PEI.

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