Community Notices

Welcome to our Community Events and Notices E-News for Thursday, January 21, 2016

New listings this week:

1) Reflections on Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women by Sharon O’Brien
2) Study Group on Canada’s Truth & Reconciliation Commission Report
3) CFUW Charlottetown Meeting Today
4) IMAC Film Club – Suffragette
5) Winter Wildlife: Tracks, Adaptations, Signs
6) Registration is Now Open for the Next Get Up & Go Luncheon for Women Leaders
7) 2016 Winter Woodlot Tour
8) Human Library at Confederation Centre Public Library
9) General Meeting on Proportional Representation
10) Inspired City – Meet and Speak
11) PAC Youth Storyboard Showcase 2016
12) Charlottetown Launches Youth Retention Survey
13) PEIBWA Upcoming Events
14) PEI ANC’s Welcome Project Donation Centre to Reopen

The current and past issues of our Thursday E-News with upcoming community events and notices are available at the following links:


Previous listings by title

To view the e-newsletter with specific details about an event, click on the title link. Lots of things happening next week

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