Community Notices

Welcome to our Community Events and Notices E-News for Thursday, January 14, 2016

New listings this week:

1) Tonight: Currents: Regional Perspectives on Water, and Environmental Studies
2) 4th Annual Alzheimer Awareness Conference
3) Demystifying your Tablet
4) Refugees and Trauma – Tips for Supporting (Free Webinar)
5) Abortion Access Now Hot Chocolate Social
6) Bonshaw ​​Ceilidh – Benefit for the Bonshaw Hall
7) Knowledge to Practice Workshop
8) PEIBWA Upcoming Events
9) ‘A Global Perspective: Work across Sectors with Positive Results’ Online Workshops
10) CLIA New Horizons for Seniors Project: Putting Your Affairs in Order – One Senior at a Time

The current and past issues of our Thursday E-News with upcoming community events and notices are available at the following links:


Previous listings by title

To view the e-newsletter with specific details about an event, click on the title link. Lots of things happening next week


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