Purple Ribbon Tattoos Popular with Island Youth

Charlottetown – The PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women is very pleased with the response from youth and community organizations to their purple ribbon tattoos. During the recent PEI Family Violence Prevention Week (February 10 – 16), more than 3,000 temporary tattoos were scooped up by youth across PEI taking part in Family Violence Prevention events and activities.

Purple Ribbon Tattoo Photo

Students from S.A.V.E. (Students Against Violence Everywhere) at Souris Regional High School display purple ribbon tattoos to show support for ending violence in PEI communities.

With its Purple Ribbon Campaign Against Violence, the Advisory Council on the Status of Women leads efforts to commemorate the lives of the fourteen women murdered in Montreal in 1989 and other victims of violence against women. In December 2012, more than15,000 purple ribbons and bookmarks were distributed across PEI.

“The purple ribbons were widely distributed and worn this year.” says Michelle Jay, Program Coordinator with the Advisory Council. “We actually had the happy problem of not having many ribbons available for Family Violence Prevention Week. Fortunately, one of our Council members, Kelly Robinson, suggested ordering temporary tattoos of purple ribbons.”

The tattoos proved very popular, especially with youth from various parts of the province. “Through PEI Family Violence Prevention Services and the provincial Family Violence Prevention Coordinator, we gave a large number of tattoos to the S.A.V.E. (Students Against Violence Everywhere) students in Eastern PEI and schools in the Western end, as well. Other groups included newcomer girls, the Mi’kmaq Family PRIDE program, and Summerside Boys & Girls Club. The tattoos have been very well received,” says Jay.

“The tattoos were a pilot project this year, but we will definitely consider ordering and distributing them again.”

Council Chairperson Diane Kays also voices her enthusiasm, “We made a specific effort to reach Island youth this year, and put a lot of energy into creating quality, relevant information for our Purple Ribbon Teacher’s Guides. The support from the PEI Department of Education and from specific teachers has been very positive. Distributing purple ribbon tattoos was an additional effort to appeal to youth, and it was quite successful.”

In addition to distributing ribbons and resources, the Purple Ribbon Campaign Against Violence includes a Memorial Service, hosted December 6, to mourn and to work to end violence against women. The Purple Ribbon Campaign this year received support from the Premier’s Action Committee on Family Violence Prevention, Premier Robert Ghiz’s office, the City of Charlottetown Mayor’s Purple Ribbon Task Force, and many volunteers, especially Quilting B & More staff and provincial Women`s Institute members.


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