Interested in Being a Council Member?

Put yourself in the picture with the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women!

At the end of this year, there will be three vacancies on the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women.

The PEI Government appoints members of the Council, and they will consider you if you apply through Participate PEI by October 31, 2012.  Here’s the link to the application form:

Here’s what our three beloved outgoing members have to say about their experience on the Advisory Council. We will miss these three women very much at the table, and yet we know the new ideas and energy of new members will be fantastic as well.

Gwyn Davies says:

My experience on PEI Advisory Council has been interesting, challenging and inspiring. I served the maximum term I was allowed because I was constantly interested and engaged with the issues of women’s opportunity and equality that came to our attention.

I appreciated meeting the other Council women and Staff. I learning from them and  shared respect that is so foundational to the workings of the Advisory Council.

The Government Report Card process, the Purple Ribbon campaign and the response to the abortion debate are highlights of my involvement. My interests in violence prevention for youth were always considered important. The chance to promote and support  the large issues of food security, financial security and physical/emotional safety for women gave me a real inspiration to do the best I can as a front  line worker in family violence prevention.

This experience has demanded that I be aware and active in supporting women’s rights and equality.

Pauline Thomson says:

For me, it has been a huge learning experience to sit with a group of women with common bonds, who were out there to do everything possible better for women on so many issues – to have women more in the forefront of government, for instance.

I have always tried to raise voices for children. To me, we will never be able to do enough for children, but we have to push the government to provide more assistance to children, especially children in the younger grades in the education system, and especially those with special needs.

I have loved the women who were on the Council. It was a joy for me to go for the day to sit with those women. Being on the Advisory Council was an experience I loved, and I will be sad to be gone, but I am so happy someone else will get the opportunity to have that same experience that I have had.

Sue Connolly says:

I have truly enjoyed my time on the Advisory Council. The Advisory Council offers a strong voice for women in PEI and speaks powerfully to the distinctive perspectives and needs of women.

Through the Advisory Council, I have been afforded the opportunity to contribute to and be part of ongoing debates and discussions on important issues in our Province. I have had the chance to work with inspiring women from all walks of life during my time on the Advisory Council.

I have learned so much through my time with the Advisory Council.

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  1. Michelle Jay said

    Very nicely done! I will forward to a couple of women, a final nudge.

    And thank you for the cheques; I will wait until end of next quarter to submit next time, but appreciate the boost this week.


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