Community Notices


1.  2012-2013 Fall/Winter/Spring Course Calendar Is Now Available at UPEI’s Centre for Life-Long Learning!

The Centre for Life-Long Learning 2012-2013 Fall, Winter, and Spring course calendar is now available.

After months of planning, we are pleased to launch a calendar of courses which includes both new and well-tested courses.

Some highlights include:

To view our complete calendar listing, visit:

Inquiries:  566-0336 or

2.   An Evening with Canadian Author, Nazanin Afshin-Jam MacKay

DISTRICT 17 Progressive Conservative Association is pleased to host a Reception and Dinner on Wednesday, July 25, 2012 featuring special guest speaker, NAZANIN AFSHIN-JAM MACKAY, award-winning human rights activist and author. The event will be held at the Rodd Charlottetown Hotel in the Georgian Room with Reception at 6:00 pm followed by Dinner at 7:00 pm.

NAZANIN AFSHIN-JAM MACKAY is an award-winning international human rights activist with an accomplished background as a Red Cross Global Youth Educator, singer/songwriter, actor, model and former Miss World Canada. Nazanin recently launched her first book, THE TALE OF TWO NAZANINS documenting the story of a Teenager on Death Row in Iran and Afshin-Jam MacKay’s efforts to save her.

After leading a successful campaign to save the life of NAZANIN FATEHI, a young girl on death row in Tehran, AFSHIN-JAM MACKAY recognized the need to put a permanent end to the executions of minors in Iran and abroad. She is the proud co-founder and President of the Stop Child Executions organization and in 2008 was appointed as a director on the board of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation. MS. AFSHIN-JAM MACKAY continues to address human rights abuses worldwide, particularly in relation to women and children in Iran and the Middle East.

Tickets to what is sure to be an enlightening evening are $50 ($15 tax receipt) and are available through the PC Pond Street office (628-8679) and or District 17 Progressive Conservative Association Contact: Elizabeth Wilson
Telephone Number: (902) 675-4303
Fax Number: (902) 675-3872
Email Address:

3.  Remembering Hiroshima

August 6th
12 noon, Monday
The Rounda, near Peakes Quay, Charlottetown, PEI

  • Music
  • Poetry
  • Speeches
  • Readings

The 67th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. The militarized murder of defenseless civilians continues…

Event hosted by Island Peace Committee and Unitarian Fellowship.  For more information, contact 368-7337.

4.  Life Skills Coach Training Certificate Program is coming to Moncton, New Brunswick

This certificate program prepares group leaders to develop and deliver dynamic workshops and training programs using the NewStart Life Skills model.   YWCA Toronto and YWCA Moncton have partnered to bring Life Skills Coach training to Moncton on the following dates:

Life Skills Coach Certificate Phase 1
Foundations of Life Skills Coaching
Date: September 10-14, 2012 (5 days)
Time: 9am – 5pm

Life Skills Coach Certificate Phase 2
Dynamics of Life Skills Coaching
Date: September 17-21, 2012 (5 days)
Time: 9am – 5pm

REGISTER ONLINE: or download registration form
To download course outlines, order publications and for details on all trainings and locations go to

Contact us: Lea Rideout   1-866-460-5595 Ext. 270



1. Call for Proposals: “Setting the Stage for Girls and Young Women to Succeed”

The deadline for applications to this
Call for Proposals is August 10th, 2012.

For more information about this Call for Proposals, please visit our website at:

Status of Women Canada reminds organizations that applications to the Women’s Program are also accepted on an ongoing basis.


Appel de propositions : « Préparer la réussite des filles et des jeunes femmes

La date limite pour la réception des demandes dans le
cadre de cet appel de propositions est le 10 août 2012.

Pour obtenir de plus amples renseignements au sujet du présent appel de propositions, visitez notre site web à l’adresse suivante :

Condition féminine Canada rappelle aux organismes que le Programme de promotion de la femme accepte également les demandes de financement sur une base continue.

2. PEI Fiddle Camp-Traditional Music Summer Institute, July 13 – 20, 2012

Registration is still open for PEI Fiddle Camp-Traditional Music Summer Institute. Returning to the beautiful,Augustine Cove, Camp Abegweit,, PEI Fiddle Camp is back for summer weeklong camp of tunes, dancing, nightly jam sessions, dances, and bonfires, and fun in the sun. Offering tuition in 6 different styles of fiddling, in addition to piping, tin-whistle, piano, guitar, banjo, bass, and dancing; the Camp boasts an all-star staff from across the North East, including instructors from P.E.I., Cape Breton, The Magdalen Islands, Maine, and Vermont.

Some of the Camp’s most renowned instructors include Richard Wood, of P.E.I. (PEI Scottish Fiddle, Piano Accompaniment); Andrea Beaton of Cape Breton (Cape Breton Scottish Fiddle); Tim Chaisson, a member of PEI’s well loved Chaisson family of musicians (Guitar and Bass Accompaniment); and Roy Johnstone (Irish Fiddle).

Not a fiddler? Don’t worry! PEI Fiddle Camp offers a very special, multidisciplinary program — not just for fiddlers. It is unique in North America, as a program that fully integrates a wide array of instruments — from fiddles, to banjos, bagpipes, and accordions — seemlessly into it’s uniquely Maritime folk music community. As well, dance – step, set, contra is offered. The Camp is open to participants of every stage, giving attendees of all levels the opportunity to participate. The Camp is not just about learning new tunes or steps, the multi-disciplinary approach shows musicians how to contextualise the jigs, reels, and strathspeys they know, focusing on playing with other traditional instruments, with a special emphasis on the dance-traditions that naturally accompany this music. Musicians are given the opportunity to play with other instruments, learn “session etiquette”, and learn the skills they need to confidently join in with other musicians,equipping students with the tools they need to continue playing and improving their skills after leaving the camp and returning home.

For more information visit the website: <> or contact the camp’s Director, Ward MacDonald, by tel: 902 218-8084, or email: <>.


Massage, Yoga & Preventative Measures

When we say PEI Fiddle Camp is more than just fiddles, we really mean more ~ this year, yoga and massage have been added to a health program that already includes a renowned Preventative Measures program (for avoiding overuse injuries in musicians) by Dr. Ellen MacPhee, B.Sc.HK, D.C.. Dr. MacPhee’s seminar has been well-received across Canada and the Eastern US for the past 5 years, and has helped to improve the everyday health of musicians from aspiring beginners to globe-trotting professionals.

“Preparing yourself for a lifetime of music-making includes preparing the mind and the body. Most musicians and dancers don’t think about how they can overuse their muscles, joints, and tendons until it’s too late! At PEI Fiddle Camp, the health-minded thinking is an integrated part of the program, just one way that our camp is like no other musical experience!” ~ Dr. Ellen.

We are also thrilled to welcome Lindsey Reddin – Back in Balance Massage Therapy (RMT) and Kele Redmond (Yoga/Bodyworker) to camp. Lindsey will offer massages specifically to attend to a musician’s head, neck, and shoulders, or to a dancer’s feet and lower back – or if simply relaxation is what you’re looking for she can provide a full-body massage. Kele will be offering Yoga in the mornings with musicians and dancers in mind, as well as one-to-one sessions for tension release through bodywork/energy healing therapy. Lindsey & Kele can be booked now for one-to-one sessions. Contact them directly – Lindsey Reddin (902.314.3272 or – Kele Redmond (902. 314. 4678 or ~ Also, Lindsey & Kele can be contacted through our Event page on Facebook

3. Tuesday Talks at the Acadian Museum of PEI


Hope you can attend one or more of the annual Tuesday Talks at the Acadian Museum of PEI. Why not mark down on your calendar the ones that you don’t want to miss?

For the list of the six lectures (three in English), check this link:

Thanks for forwarding this email to your friends. Hope to see you at the Musée this summer.

Georges Arsenault, Coordinator of the Tuesday Talks

4. Folk Dancing in Bonshaw July 15 from 7-9pm

Folk Dancing at the Bonshaw Community Centre, 25 Green Road, is on Sunday, July 15 from 7-9pm. Come learn folk dances from around the world, including circle dances and contra dances. No partner or experience is necessary—dances are called and easy. All ages are welcome. If you’d like to car-pool, post a comment on the ‘Folk Dancing in Bonshaw’ facebook page. For more information phone Marion Copleston at 675-4093. Admission is by donation- suggested: $2 each, $5 per family.

5. “Rekindling Community”

A lecture by Alastair McIntosh, a leading figure in Scottish land reform and a well-known writer and broadcaster.

Monday, July 16, 7.00 pm
Faculty Lounge, Main Building

No charge, all welcome!

All around the world, rural communities are facing huge challenges to their cohesion as globalisation changes the economic basis of agriculture and natural resources, and high levels of mobilisation, made possible by cheap oil, create fluidity in the social structure. In Scotland, many communities are undergoing a fundamental reevaluation of what it means to be a community,and how to increase the quality of resilience.

6. Atlantic Summer Institute on Healthy and Safe Communities (ASI) Notices

Sponsorships Available for Young Women Leaders to Be Inspired! Take Action!

The Atlantic Summer Institute on Healthy and Safe Communities (ASI) returns to Charlottetown this summer with a spotlight on community leadership. The theme this year is Inspiration to Action: Leadership for Active Communities and the program runs from August 22-24 at Holland College.

A special emphasis this year is the Young Women and Community Leadership program, designed for women aged 18-25 who are involved or want to become involved in leadership in their communities. Sponsorship is available for up to 5 young Island women to take part.

Participants in this exciting new program will develop leadership ideas and skills, creating plans for how they can make a difference in their communities. They will build a network of friends, mentors, and supporters who can help them turn their ideas into realities. This program is being delivered as part of the project Building Leadership Capacity Among Women and Girls in Atlantic Canada, funded by Status of Women Canada (SWC) Women’s Community Fund.

The ASI seeks to create positive social change in Atlantic Canada by encouraging a holistic approach to community development. Bringing together Francophone, Anglophone and Aboriginal communities, the ASI supports collaboration across sectors and regions, and between cultures and generations. This year’s programming aims to inspire and engage women and men to become champions for change in their communities.

For more information call Megan Stewart, Youth Engagement Coordinator, The Atlantic Summer Institute
(c) 902.213.1505


The Atlantic Summer Institute Celebrates Community Leadership

The theme for this year’s Atlantic Summer Institute on Healthy and Safe Communities (ASI) is Inspiration to Action: Leadership for Active Communities.

Not to be missed: the ASI keynote address by the physically active and actively engaged Nathalie Boivin, Ph.D. Dr. Boivin will share her story of leadership in literacy, health, and school communities and her accomplishments as a triathlete. There will be a reception hosted by the Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health following the keynote address.

August 21st
7:00 pm
Holland College

Hosted by the City of Charlottetown as part of the Inspired City Initiative.
All are welcome to attend this free event.

Also of interest is the Atlantic Community Showcase on Wednesday, August 22nd, which profiles innovative community projects from around the Region. The Showcase is a great opportunity to meet active community leaders and discover projects and initiatives happening in our neighbourhoods and neighbouring Provinces.

The ASI welcomes individuals and organizations who work with creative, collaborative practices, as well as those who are looking to learn and be inspired to action!

For more information call 902-894-3399 or contact Stay updated on ASI events via Facebook ( or Twitter (@ASI_HSC).


FREDERICTON – The Muriel McQueen Fergusson Foundation is accepting proposals for funding from registered charities, for projects dealing with the problem of family violence.

The organizations selected will be awarded a grant, to a maximum of $3,000 to undertake projects in areas including counseling, training, public education and educational research.

To be considered for funding, the proposal project must fall into one of the following categories:

  • the operation of emergency shelters and the provision of counseling and other services to victims of family violence;
  • the development of counseling and training programs for the education of counselors working with victims of family violence;
  • the development of public education programs about family violence;
  • the support of educational research into the causes of family violence, and to assist with the education and training of victims of family violence.

The deadline for receiving applications is Monday, August 13, 2012.

The Muriel McQueen Fergusson Foundation is a charitable organization committed to eliminating family violence and to relieving the suffering of those affected.

For more information please visit our website:

For more information contact:

Therese M. Murray, Executive Director
Rebekah Thomas, Project Manager/Resource Developer
Muriel McQueen Fergusson Foundation
Phone: (506) 472-5085
Fax: (506) 472-5084
E-mail: /

8. Lisa’s Last Day!

June 29th was a big day at the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women – Lisa Murphy’s last day at the office as Executive Director. Lisa worked for the Council over the span of 22 years, most of those years as Executive Director. The Council is happy to share this video with you – “An Exit Interview with Lisa Murphy.” It’s a lovely profile of Lisa in her own words.

This summer, our policy analyst Jane Ledwell will be Acting Executive Director while Council finalizes plans for staff restructuring. We’ll share news about these plans as they develop. To reach Jane or the Council, please email us at or call us at 902-368-4510.

A huge thank you to Lisa for her work on behalf of Prince Edward Island women and their families!

9. Call for Volunteer Nominations Extended

To celebrate volunteers and what they offer the community, the Voluntary Resource Council (VRC) of PEI is extending it’s deadline for nominations for outstanding volunteers. The work of the VRC is to support and build capacity amongst voluntary organizations in PEI.

Non-profit organizations and associations in Prince Edward Island are invited to nominate an outstanding volunteer for special recognition. The selected outstanding volunteers will be recognized at the Voluntary Resource Council’s annual Breakfast Gala to be held in October.

Nominations should include: the name and contact information of the volunteer and the organization/association, the mission of the organization/association, and a description of the contributions of this individual.

Nominations can be submitted by email to, or by mail to Voluntary Resource Council, 81 Prince Street, Charlottetown, PEI C1A 4R3. The new deadline for nominations will be noon on September 7th, 2012.

Sylvie Arsenault, Manager
Voluntary Resource Centre
81 Prince Street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 4R3
Phone: 902.368.7337 Fax: 902.368.7180 Email:

10. Landscape, Seascape, Soundscape……a collaborative music writing camp at Rock Barra Artist Retreat August 7 -9 and 14 -16, 2012

Artists and the General Public are invited to come together to create music inspired by the natural environment. We welcome people with no musical experience to collaborate with professional artists in the creative process. Come enjoy the beach at Rock Barra Artist Retreat and be part of this special event funded by the Canada Council of the Arts. This songwriting camp is being offered to the public for free. Come for a day or come for the whole camp. We want your voice to be heard. Contact Teresa at to register.

Around the planet people are shocked by our environmental crisis. What is our role as artists, as musicians, as a community ? Have we lost our connection to the land and the sea? Landscape, Seascape, Soundscape is a response to this crisis engaging the power of the arts and the artistic process. Over a two week period in August artists, students, and community members of all ages are invited to come together to re-connect with nature and learn to express that connection through song writing, free improvisation and spoken word. Rock Barra Artist Retreat is the perfect setting for this project. It is an artist run co-operative on twenty acres of wilderness beachfront on the north shore of Prince Edward Island.

In the first week the focus will be the sea and the marine environment of Prince Edward Island. Our guest facilitator for the the first day will be marine botanist Dr. Irene Novaczk, Director of the Institute of Island Studies. Irene has been conducting seaweed workshops at Rock Barra for the past five summers. This will be our springboard. As we learn to identify, collect, preserve and consume the natural wealth from the sea we will begin to express our experiences through sound.

The focus for the second week will be deepening our connection to the land and we will begin the week with First Nations activist and film-maker, Eliza Star Child Knockwood. The medicine wheel at Rock Barra will be the gathering place for this exploration. Eliza has an unshakable commitment to her Indigenous community and the future of Turtle Island. She will bring us into her cultural paradigm, a place of deep respect and integration with the environment.

Musicians Teresa Doyle and October Browne will work with participants for the entire two week camp to help write, arrange the songs. Participants will be invited to present their music at two concerts at the retreat on Sunday August 12 and again on Sunday August 19th if they wish to do so. Teresa is a sixth generation Prince Edward Islander. Raised on a small family farm her commitment to rural Prince Edward Island is the heart and soul of her music. London born Irish musician October Browne has spent the last few summers at Rock Barra. October is a fantastic multi-instrumentalist, music teacher and arranger. Multi-media archivist (photography, film, recording) Kat McKernan will be on hand to document the experience and share it with the broader community through social networking, public presentations and media outlets.

We encourage participation from all walks of life. Everyone has something to say about this beautiful planet. Come enjoy the creative process and express your commitment to the land and the water. We are planning on working each day from noon till 5:00 but will be extending the hours as needed to include everyone who would like to participate. There is no cost to attend. We acknowledge the generous support of the Canada Council of the Arts. For more information about our retreat go to to register contact or call 902 838 2973.


Community Events and Notices are forwarded to you by the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women for your information and interest. The PEI Status of Women cannot guarantee the accuracy of notices or control re-postings, and does not necessarily endorse every notice or event posted.

Note: The deadline for receiving notices/events to post is by noon on Thursdays. For further information or questions specifically relating to any notices or events, please contact the individual or organization hosting the community event.

Notices will also be posted shortly on our blog, Women’s Equality PEI at If you do not wish to receive this weekly community notice, please reply and let us know by typing – Unsubscribe – in the subject line.

PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women
PO Box 2000 (161 St. Peter’s Road), Charlottetown, PE C1A 7N8
tel: 902 368 4510
fax: 902 368 3269


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