Women of Summerside March to Support Safe Parks

Summerside March

The East Prince Women’s Information Centre (EPWIC) is pleased to announce a women’s march to support safe parks. The March for Safety is in response to increased vandalism in Summerside parks. Members of the public are encouraged to gather at 9 pm on May 3 at Legere Park to join the March.

Andy Lou Somers, Executive Director at EPWIC says the March will raise awareness of women’s safety in city parks.
“Our organization decided to spearhead the Women’s March for Safety after the Heritage Park Memorial [to the 14 women massacred in Montreal] was vandalized. We realized that it was a short step from vandalism to endangering women. The March, which includes three city parks, will demonstrate that women – and those that love them – care about their safety in the parks.”

Somers, who sits on the city’s Crime Prevention Committee, says there was full support from fellow committee members, several promising to attend. She chose May 3 for the event, as the following day schools are closed, giving school age girls an opportunity to experience a unique, empowering event.

The March will take place on Thursday, May 3, starting at Legere Park (Participark) playground at 9 pm, follow Summer Street to Queen Elizabeth Park and finish at the Heritage Park, less than 1km. Marchers are encouraged to bring a friend and a flashlight. Those who wish to show their support, but not march are invited to join the event at Heritage Park at the Women’s Memorial. Men are encouraged to join the March to show their support.

East Prince Women’s Information Centre *** 439-7268 *** epwic@eastlink.ca

You can help by printing and distributing the poster: Women’s March for Safe Parks


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