After the Election

A news release this post-election morning from the PEI Coalition for Women in Government.

Percentage of Women in PEI Legislature Down

October 4, 2011, Stratford, Prince Edward Island – Despite PEI political parties fielding the highest percentage of women ever nominated in a PEI provincial election, the Legislature will see a decrease in the number of women filling its seats. Six of twenty-seven MLAs declared elected in yesterday’s race are women. All are returning MLAs. Cynthia Dunsford, the incumbent MLA from Stratford-Kinlock, was defeated.

“PEI has lost a genuine and dedicated MLA in Cynthia Dunsford,” says Kirstin Lund, co-ordinator of the PEI Coalition for Women in Government. “Thank you, Cynthia, for your work on behalf of Stratford-Kinlock and all Islanders. We will miss your voice in the Legislature.”

“The Coalition thanks all women candidates for putting their names on the ballot. We are pleased that all parties made efforts to reach our recommended goal of nominating at least 9 women, or one third of their potential candidates,” Lund continues. “We are thrilled that the Green Party reached that goal in this election by nominating 13 women. We will work to support all parties to continue making strides to increase their number of women candidates in future elections.”


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