2011 Equality Report Card Excerpt: Making Equality a Priority

Category Goals: To make women’s equality a priority, we expect the provincial government to meet its commitments to analyze the effects on everyday Island women of existing and proposed legislation, policy, and budgeting. This means applying gender- and diversity-based analysis and collecting and using up-to-date sex-disaggregated data.

Focus Group Highlights: Participants in a focus group identified job creation as a major priority, especially jobs that are flexible with hours of work or that align with daycare hours for young families, especially lone parents. Focus group participants saw support for child care and public transit as essential for allowing workforce participation. They put highest priority on investment in youth drop-in centres, distributed in communities across PEI, with access to information about employment, programs, services, recreation, and opportunities. Youth development services (skills building, confidence boosting) were another high priority.

Conclusions: The members of the Advisory Council are encouraged to see evidence that gender-based analysis has entered the consciousness of government. Now that updated sex-disaggregated data is available, there is a new tool to facilitate systematic analysis of the different impacts policies may have on women and men and diverse groups. This is good news.


This is an excerpt from the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women 2011 Equality Report Card for PEI, released in June 2011 and based on information updated to May 30, 2011. The Advisory Council is republishing one area of assessment each week on this blog. For more information, visit the Advisory Council on the Status of Women website.


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