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1.   The CIHR Institute of Gender and Health & the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health present:

Reflections on Women’s Health and Women’s Status: National and Global Perspectives
An International Women’s Day Event (online)
Tuesday, March 8, 2011

10 to 11 AM PST / 11 AM to 12 PM MST / 12 to 1 PM CST / 1 to 2 PM EST / 2 to 3 PM AST

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, please join us in taking a look back and a look forward into the health and status of women in Canada and around the world. Leading women’s health researchers Drs. Lynn McIntyre, Bilkis Vissandjee, and Lorraine Greaves will share their reflections in a brief panel presentation, followed by a question and answer session chaired by Dr. Joy Johnson, Scientific Director, CIHR Institute of Gender and Health. Join in the dialogue to mark this milestone day!

Presentations will be in English but questions will be entertained in either French or English.

This event takes place online. All you need is a computer with a high speed internet connection and speakers. Questions to the panel should be submitted via the chat dialogue box that appears on screen.

-Dr. Lynn McIntyre, Professor and CIHR Chair in Gender and Health, Dept. of Community Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary
-Dr. Bilkis Vissandjee, Professor, School of Nursing, Institute of Public Health Research, Université de Montréal, Research and Training Centre, CSSS de la Montagne
-Dr. Lorraine Greaves, Senior Investigator, British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health; Clinical Professor, School of Population and Public Health, University of British Columbia
-Dr. Joy Johnson, Scientific Director, CIHR Institute of Gender and Health

This webcast event is free but registration is required. If you wish to attend, please send an email to by March 1, 2011 with “IWD event” in the subject line. Instructions on how to log into the webcast will be sent to registrants prior to the event.
L’Institut de la santé des femmes et des hommes et le Centre d’excellence de la Colombie Britannique pour la santé des femmes présentent :

Réflexions sur la santé et la condition des femmes à l’échelle nationale et mondiale
dans le cadre de la Journée internationale de la femme
le mardi 8 mars 2011
de 10 h à 11 h (heure normale du Pacifique), de 11 h à 12 h (heure normale des Rocheuses), de 12 h à 13 h (heure normale du Centre), de 13 h à 14 h (heure normale de l’Est), de 14 h à 15 h (heure normale de l’Atlantique)

À l’occasion du 100e anniversaire de la Journée internationale de la femme (JIF), joignez-vous à nous pour jeter un regard rétrospectif et prospectif sur la santé et la condition des femmes au Canada et dans le monde entier. Des chercheuses de pointe dans le domaine de la santé des femmes, les Dres Lynn McIntyre, Bilkis Vissandjée et Lorraine Greaves, feront part de leurs réflexions lors d’un court exposé, qui sera suivi d’une période de questions animée par la Dre Joy Johnson, directrice scientifique de l’Institut de la santé des femmes et des hommes. Participez à la discussion pour marquer cette importante journée!

Les exposés seront présentés en anglais, mais la période de questions se déroulera en français et en anglais.

Cette rencontre aura lieu en ligne. Tout ce dont vous avez besoin est un ordinateur muni de haut-parleurs et disposant d’une connexion Internet haute vitesse. Les questions destinées au groupe d’experts doivent être transmises au moyen de la boîte de dialogue de clavardage qui figure à l’écran.

Membres du groupe d’experts
-Dre Lynn McIntyre, professeure et titulaire d’une chaire des Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada sur le genre et la santé, Département des sciences de la santé communautaire, Faculté de médecine, Université de Calgary
-Dre Bilkis Vissandjée, professeure, Faculté des sciences infirmières, Institut de recherche en santé publique, Université de Montréal; Centre de recherche et de formation, Centre de santé et de services sociaux de la Montagne
-Dre Lorraine Greaves, chercheuse principale, Centre d’excellence de la Colombie-Britannique pour la santé des femmes; enseignante clinique, École de santé publique et de santé des populations, Université de la Colombie-Britannique
-Dre Joy Johnson, directrice scientifique, Institut de la santé des femmes et des hommes

Cette activité diffusée sur le Web est gratuite, mais les personnes intéressées doivent s’inscrire. Si vous voulez y participer, veuillez envoyer un courriel ayant comme objet « Activité de la JIF » d’ici le 1er mars 2011, à l’adresse suivante : Les personnes inscrites recevront des instructions sur la façon d’accéder à la webdiffusion avant la rencontre.



1. 2011 Family Violence Prevention Week Activities, February 13 – 19

Remaining activities this week:

Friday February 18

Parkview Senior Citizens Club in Summerside will hold a general awareness session on elder abuse for the Club’s Board Executive and Club members from 1:00-2:00pm. The presentation will include information on signs to watch for, types of abuse, scams, fears seniors may have about abuse and things seniors can do to protect themselves.
West Prince Family Violence Prevention, in partnership with Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) is holding a Workshop on “How to Make Relationships Work for You” for anyone who accesses or has accessed a CMHA service. Location: Club House in Alberton. Time: 1:00-2:00pm.
Souris High School Awareness Walk. All students will walk and will be accompanied by the RCMP. Time 1:30pm.
Valerie Smallman of West Prince Family Violence Prevention will make a presentation on healthy relationships to the O’Leary Nazarene Church youth group. Time: 8 pm.

Week-Long Events

Promote “Random Acts of Kindness” at schools, Church groups, local businesses and community organizations throughout the week, with a bracelet day on Islander Day on Monday February 21st at Credit Union Place.
Support of Purple Ribbon Campaign through West Prince businesses and community organizations
Vinny’s Takeout and Restaurant in O’Leary will be selling “Daily Dinner Specials” all week in recognition of Family Violence Prevention Week.
For further updates and information on family violence prevention, visit

2. Featured Facts from the PEI Status of Women

Visit our websites daily during Family Violence Prevention Week for a featured fact about violence against women.

3. New Funding Option with Status of Women Canada Women’s Program – Nouvelle option de financement du Programme de promotion de la femme de Condition féminine Canada

Hello! Bonjour,
Please read on….for new opportunity for project funding now!. You may distribute.

(la version française suit)
see Blueprint projects

Is your organization ready for a challenge? Want to make a real difference in the lives of Canadian women and girls, particularly those from immigrant and Aboriginal communities? If your organization is looking for a new opportunity and:

  • is partnership-friendly and action-oriented,
  • is well-managed, and
  • has solid roots in the community,

a Blueprint Project may be right for your organization!

What is a Blueprint Project?
Blueprint Projects are a series of ready-made projects for which eligible organizations can apply. The projects fall into one or more of seven thematic areas:
1. Increasing recruitment of women into non-traditional work;
2. Retaining and promoting women in non-traditional and under-represented sectors;
3. Increasing women’s involvement as decision-makers in community-based organizations;
4. Improving access to second-stage services for women who have experienced abuse;
5. Using gender-based analysis to improve community safety;
6. Engaging youth in preventing violence against girls and women; and
7. Improving financial and growth opportunities for women business owners.

The Women’s Program of Status of Women Canada is in a unique position to respond to both longstanding and emerging issues of concern to women and girls, to identify specific groups or sectors requiring assistance, to build on positive results and lessons learned in previously funded projects, and to play a key role in preparing Canadian women and girls to meet the challenges of the future.

Blueprint Project applications will be processed as they are received, so the sooner you apply, the better! Funding is limited and the Blueprint Project application form is quick and easy, so why wait?
Deadline: February 21, 2011

Please note: Regular applications to the Women’s Program are still accepted on a continuous intake basis.

To get started,


À lire pour une possibilité de financement de projets en ce moment!

vous pouvez distribuer!

Projets modèles_
Votre organisme est-il prêt à relever un défi ou recherche-t-il une nouvelle occasion?

Souhaite-t-il apporter de véritables changements dans la vie des femmes et des filles au Canada, en particulier dans celle des immigrantes ou des femmes autochtones? Répond-il aux critères suivants?

  • Est-il ouvert aux partenariats?
  • Est-il bien administré?
  • Est-il bien enraciné dans la collectivité?

Dans ce cas, un projet-modèle pourrait être tout indiqué.

De quoi s’agit-il?
Les projets-modèles sont un ensemble de projets prêts à réaliser pour lesquels des organismes admissibles peuvent demander un financement. Les projets doivent s’inscrire dans un ou

plusieurs des thèmes ci-dessous :
1. Augmenter le recrutement de femmes dans les secteurs d’emploi traditionnellement masculins;
2. Encourager la rétention et l’avancement des femmes dans les secteurs traditionnellement masculins et d’autres secteurs où elles sont sous-représentées;
3. Accroître la participation des femmes à la prise de décisions dans les organismes communautaires;
4. Améliorer l’accès aux services de transition pour les femmes victimes d’abus;
5. Améliorer la sécurité des collectivités grâce à l’analyse comparative entre les sexes;
6. Impliquer les jeunes dans la prévention de la violence faite aux filles et aux femmes;
7. Améliorer l’accès des femmes entrepreneures au financement et aux occasions de croissance.

Le Programme de promotion de la femme de Condition féminine Canada est très bien placé pour répondre aux problèmes de longue date ainsi qu’aux nouveaux enjeux qui touchent les femmes et les filles; pour déterminer quels sont les domaines ou les populations ayant besoin d’aide; pour mettre à profit les résultats et les enseignements des projets financés antérieurement; ainsi que pour jouer un rôle déterminant dans la préparation des Canadiennes — femmes et filles — qui seront appelées à relever les défis de demain.

Les demandes de financement pour les projets-modèles seront traitées dès leur réception. Ne tardez pas! Le financement est limité et le formulaire de demande est vite rempli.

Date limite : Le 21 février 2011
Remarque : Le Programme de promotion de la femme continue d’accepter les demandes régulières de financement.

4. PRH –Personal Growth and Personality Development Workshops, Offered by Sr. Myrna Aylward, licensed PRH Educator/Counselor

Parental Collaboration in the Education of Children
This workshop is for parents interested in creating an educational atmosphere that will enhance their child’s overall growth and includes information on parental interaction, dialogue, agreement and harmony, which are indispensible to the child’s progress. The workshop will be held on four Thursdays, March 3, 10, 17, and 24 at 7- 9 p.m.

The Power of Feelings
This workshop helps persons discover the true value of feelings, gain a clearer understanding of their messages and the impact these feeling have on one’s actions or non-actions; and provides means for managing these feelings in a more constructive manner. The workshop will be held on three Monday evenings, March 7, 14, and 21 at 7-9p.m.

Contact Information:
Contact Sr. Myrna: 892-6585 or
The cost for each workshop follows the PRH Sliding Scale of Fees based on income level.

5. Bioenergetic Exercise Classes

Bioenergetic Exercises Classes which can enable participants to feel less stressed and have a better sense of well-being begin on Monday March 7th 7:00-8:00. at Mt. St. Mary’s Auditorium 141 Mt. Edward Rd. in Charlottetown. Cost is $60.00 for 6 classes. To register please call Margaret at 394-4386 or e-mail

6. Dr. Greg Cameron To Address Global Trends and Transitions in Atlantic Agriculture at ADAPT Conference and Annual Meeting; March 14 -15.

Global trends in agriculture and their dramatic affect on the future of rural communities in Atlantic Canada, will be addressed by Dr Greg Cameron at the P.E.I. Adapt Council’s annual general meeting and conference Monday and Tuesday, March 14 and 15, at the Farm Centre (420 University Avenue) in Charlottetown.

Cameron is an Assistant Professor of Political Science and Rural Community Studies at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College. He will focus on “Global Trends and the Future of Agriculture” during an evening session on Monday at the Farm Centre. “I will be tracking some of the trends going on in both Canada and the ‘Global South’ that relate to smallholder food systems. I will also be looking at the global context at the WTO, and alternative models on offer in certain regions of the world.”

Tuesday he will turn his attention to the regional scene as part of a daylong session. Cameron said he plans to look at the staying power of the emerging forms of agriculture and “explore the possibilities of conceiving and advancing a new model of ‘rurality’ in the Atlantic Region” He believes this region has much to learn from other rural based communities around the world and he will be sharing some of those experiences.

Cameron’s background positions him well for understanding the needs and realities facing rural communities. He received his doctorate from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London in 2002. Prior to joining the NSAC in 2006, he taught political science at the University of Asmara, Eritrea in north-east Africa for over 4 years, from 2002-2006.

During the late 1980s and a good part of the 1990s, he worked as a CUSO cooperant in Tanzania, first with the Tanzanian co-operative movement on the islands of Zanzibar, and then with pastoralist NGOs in Arusha, northern Tanzania. His fieldwork and research in Eastern Africa have focused on co-operatives and other popular organizations, rural policy, food security, the developmental state, democratization transitions, and global trends in trade and governance practices.

At the Rural Research Centre of the NSAC he is currently building a research program on the shifts, transitions, and tensions in contemporary Atlantic Canada as they relate to food security, farm(er) sovereignty, rural poverty, organic agriculture, buy/grow local , agricultural co-operatives, and other citizen and governmental initiatives.

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION IS FREE and is open to anyone with an interest in the future of the Island s agriculture and agri-food production. However, pre-registration is necessary as space is limited. To Register Call: 902-368-2005 or Email:;

7. New Resource for Social Studies Classrooms!

Global Justice for Gender Development is a seven-module series examining poverty and power, women’s rights, humanitarian emergencies, HIV and AIDS, food security, water, and climate change through a global gender lens. The modules include student materials such as readings and case studies, rich powerpoint images, and film and audio clips. Strategies are included for students to take action as active citizens for global change. Designed for Nova Scotia classrooms, the resource can be used in any secondary school setting. Gender Justice for Global Development was developed by Oxfam Canada and funded by the Canadian International Development Agency through the Global Classroom Initiative.

These materials are freely available at:

8. Using New & Social Media for Political Campaigns

Social Media Training for Women In Politics

Now is the time to start planning your campaign strategy and how to use social media to your advantage. Join us Saturday, February 26th, from 9 AM – 12 Noon at the Dutch Inn, Cornwall for this interactive social media training workshop facilitated by Nancy Beth Guptill of Sweet Spot Marketing, with special guests Cynthia Dunsford, PEI Provincial MLA and Tina Moore-Mundy, City of Summerside Councillor.

We will discuss how to run a successful campaign using social media, and we’ll teach you how to create a social media action plan based on your campaign platform. We will introduce the most popular social media channels politicians are using, and how these new communication channels are being successfully used in campaigns and political marketing. This workshop is specifically for women politicians, candidates, political marketers and campaign workers.

For more information and/or to register visit


What: A fun filled and action packed night to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day.

When: Tuesday, March 8, 2011 at 7:00PM

Where: Summerside Harbourfront Jubilee Theatre, Harbour Drive, Summerside, PEI Gift Bags will be given to everyone that attends – Door Prizes will be given out throughout the night.


IF you want tickets to ensure your seat for the night,

please contact: Andy Lou Somers, 436-9856 or email:

10. Attention: PEI Women Visual Artists

Call for Submissions

International Women’s Day Centenary Show!

March 8th is International Women’s Day (IWD), a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.

To celebrate the 100th International Women’s Day, this exhibition will feature 100 (or more) small gems of work created by PEI women artists, valued at $100 (or less). Organizations, governments, and individuals will be able to tangibly mark IWD’s roots in the labour movement by purchasing a piece and putting a little cash in the artist’s pocket during the lean months of March.

Canadian artists typically live well below the poverty line, with female artists earning on average, 28% less than their male counterparts.

What has changed in women’s lives in the last 100 years? What still needs to be changed? How are women around the globe doing? What matters to women now? What unique gifts do women offer the world?

PEI women artists are invited to submit an artwork, exploring these ideas. A variety of media, including painting, sculpture, photography, textile, and printmaking is welcome.

· Open to PEI women artists
· Work must be of professional quality
· Work must be ready to hang or display
· Work must be valued at $100 or less

Work can be dropped off at the Guild Gallery, Richmond Street, Charlottetown, on Monday, February 28 from 10 – 4 pm.

For more information email:

The exhibition will run from March 1 – 12, with an opening reception on Saturday, March 5, 2 – 4 pm. All are welcome to attend.

11. Request for Proposals

The Interministerial Women’s Secretariat is issuing a request for proposals for project funding for community organizations in PEI. The objective of the Interministerial Women’s Secretariat grant is to provide project funding to:

* support organizations that provide direct services and programs for the benefit of women in Prince Edward Island; and/or
* support projects that enhance awareness, education and social action on women’s legal, health, social and economic equality; and/or
* support the capacity of women’s organizations that promote women’s equality through advocacy, research and policy development.

Applications/proposals must be received by February 25, 2011. For more information, please contact the Women’s Secretariat at (902) 368-6494 or email A copy of the funding guidelines will be available shortly on its website at:


Community Events and Notices are forwarded to you by the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women for your information and interest. The PEI Status of Women cannot guarantee the accuracy of notices or control re-postings, and does not necessarily endorse every notice or event posted.

Note: The deadline for receiving notices/events to post is by noon on Thursdays. For further information or questions specifically relating to any notices or events, please contact the individual or organization hosting the community event.

Notices will also be posted shortly on our blog, Women’s Equality PEI at . If you do not wish to receive this weekly community notice, please reply and let us know by typing – Unsubscribe – in the subject line.

PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women
PO Box 2000 (161 St. Peter’s Road), Charlottetown, PE C1A 7N8
tel: 902 368 4510
fax: 902 368 3269


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