Supporting the Long Gun Registry


The Prince Edward Island Advisory Council on the Status of Women (ACSW) wishes to congratulate MP Wayne Easter for his change of heart regarding the upcoming vote on Bill C-391, a bill proposing the abolition of the Canadian long gun registry. Mr. Easter indicates that he will now vote to retain the registry (Guardian Public Forum, September 13), because this action offers the opportunity to make changes that will balance the needs of victims of gun violence with the interests of law-abiding owners of long guns.

For countless women, an effective gun registry is a critical tool to reduce deaths of our children, sisters, mothers, and grandmothers who are entangled in complex and volatile relationships, often in their own homes. For the past twenty years, the ACSW has been at the forefront of the Purple Ribbon Campaign Against Violence, an awareness campaign to reduce and prevent all forms of woman abuse and family violence. Like other organizations of women, police, health and labour constituencies across the country, we understand that long guns are used in family homicides. An efficient registry will not eliminate all the problems; however, if the registry survives the vote on September 22, it will remain as one more tool against a horrible type of crime.

The Advisory Council thanks Mr. Easter for his pragmatism, and calls on Honourable Gail Shea, a former Minister Responsible of the Status of Women in the Binns administration, to influence the Harper government to re-think its position.

Isabelle Christian, Chairperson


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