Equality Report Card: Increased Employment Equity


Our Analysis:

The Public Service is clearly the most important employer of women on PEI. Women make up over 70% of departmental staff and almost 53% of management. Most of these women are employed full-time and in permanent positions. This is good news. Given the Province’s role as a major employer of women, its leadership on employment equity is all the more important to pay attention to.

Judging from the initiatives we’ve seen reported for this Report Card, the departments that seem to be making the most progress to understand and act on gender issues tend to be those with a strong balance between the number of women working in the department and the number of women managers – not necessarily just those with the highest percentage of women employees. There is a less than 4% difference between the percentage of women employees and the percentage of women managers in the Provincial Treasury, Agriculture, and the Attorney General’s Office, and there is a less than 9% difference between the percentage of women employees and the percentage of women managers in Social Services and Seniors, Education and Early Childhood Development, and Health. This is good news.

The new Public Service Leadership program with UPEI has a strong complement of women participants. This creates hope for ongoing positive contributions by women.

Women make up from 16% of any department (Transportation & Public Works) to 85% of the departmental workforce (Health). Women make up from 7% of managers (Transportation & Public Works) to 77% of managers (Health).

In the future, it will be important to examine more closely ways to make the most unbalanced departments more balanced in terms of gender. Just over 70% of all women who work for the provincial government work in Health. Outside Health, Social Services, and Education (the “traditional” areas of women’s employment), women make up only 44% of the civil service.

This is an excerpt from the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women 2009 Equality Report Card for PEI, released in June 2009 and based on information updated to May 30, 2009.


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