Community Notices: Addition

The International Day for Climate Action is this Saturday, October 24th.

This Saturday is also the official launch date of the 350 Campaign. The 350 Campaign is an international campaign taking place in over 170 countries. Visit for more information. On PEI, the 350 Campaign is raising money to make Habitat for Humanity’s next house more energy efficient. The Campaign is trying to raise awareness that recent scientific research says we need to reduce our atmosphere’s CO2 concentration to 350 parts per million. We are currently at 387 parts per million. This comes as our planet heads into the UN Climate Talks in Copenhagen, where the global action-plan on climate change will be determined this December. The Alibi, Baba’s and Ampersand are kicking off the campaign with drinks specials for $3.50 this Saturday, October 24th. Come out to catch some awesome entertainment and give cheers to a sustainable future and getting action on climate change. And if you’re lucky you may catch a sighting of Captain Planet. Anyone interested in getting involved can email the 350 Team at or call 566-9098.

Becky Thomas
Outreach Project Coordinator
Sierra Club Canada, Atlantic Canada Chapter
126 Richmond Street
Charlottetown, PEI, C1A 1H9
902 566-9098 (work)


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