Persons Day Event Photos

Yesterday, the PEI Status of Women was delighted to co-host a lunch-and-learn event with the Atlantic Social Economy and Sustainability Research Network. About 20 people attended to learn more about the process, results, and lessons learned from the Status of Women 2009 Equality Report Card for PEI.

And we ate cake to celebrate Persons Day. Persons Day is marked every October 18 in Canada to celebrate the anniversary of the date when Canadian women were declared “persons” under the law. This change came about as a result of efforts of pioneering women known as the “Famous Five” who took their case that women are “persons” to the courts. The “Famous Five” were Emily Murphy, Louise McKinney, Nellie McClung, Irene Parlby and Henrietta Muir Edwards. This year is the 80th anniversary of their success in the Persons Case. The “Famous Five” were named honorary Canadian Senators this year. They are the first people ever to be named “honorary senators.”

Thanks to Irene Novaczek and the Institute of Island Studies for hosting us at the University of Prince Edward Island, and thanks to all who attended.




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  1. Professor Eileen Byrne said

    I have spent 40 years researching and fighting for equality for women in education and training, without which equality in employment and politics are impossible. I have substantial publications in this area. As Emeritus Professor of Education, University of Queensland, I am still very active – including politically. I am coming to Canada for a month in June, and was doing some preparatory exploration of Canadian history and was delighted to read of the “Famous Five”… I will be staying with friends at Crystal Beach, Ontario, which is near Niagara Falls. We will be going to Toronto and Ontario at some stage. Is there anyone in your circuit who has feminist (especially feminist history) contacts in or near the areas in which I will be staying from 14th June ? Perhaps a needle in a haystack, but I would LOVE to meet some Canadian feminists ! I am an experienced public speaker. “Women hold up half the sky”, remember… Warm regards, Professor Eileen M Byrne

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