Men, Take a Stand With Us

stand-tw-400 stand-revsm-400
stand-cv-400 stand-rr-4001 stand-gb-400 stand-hvl-400 stand-gt-4001
stand-hm-400 stand-rmcr-400 stand-dl-400 stand-pl-400 stand-we-400
stand-rt-400 stand-rg-400 stand-sl-400 stand-tr-400 stand-rj-400
stand-rh-400 stand-pv-400 stand-jg-400 stand-ft-400 stand-dv-400
stand-mm-400 stand-lc-400 stand-jl-400 stand-dld-400 stand-rl-400
stand-jv-400 stand-ad-400 stand-il-400 stand-lw-400 stand-jc-400
stand-dd-400 stand-smcm-400 stand-dm-400 stand-mplm-400 stand-hp-4001
stand-pm-400 stand-br-400 stand-premrg-400 stand-rl-4001 stand-jmacl-400
stand-ga-400 stand-cs-400 stand-bmack-400 stand-vm-400 stand-im-400
stand-rd-400 stand-kt-400 stand-cp-400 stand-br-4001 stand-bobs-400
stand-ahz-400 stand-rk-400 stand-cht-400 stand-bw-400 stand-budu-400
stand-bcos-400 stand-amaci-400 stand-alca-400 stand-wess-400 stand-gweb-400
stand-cmcg-400 stand-dberg-400 stand-doc-400 stand-gerg-400 stand-gumai-400
stand-jjs-400 stand-jmart-400 stand-jred-400 stand-jren-400 stand-mattb-400
stand-paco-400 stand-nlec-400 stand-patm-400 stand-mipa-400 stand-pela-400
stand-song-400 stand-ronm-400
stand-ronf-400 stand-robv-400 stand-rmit-400
stand-rhen-400 stand-rbr-400 stand-revem-400 stand-wmace-400 stand-begi-400
stand-brid-400 stand-cmack-400 stand-dlaw-400 stand-grdu-400 stand-gsh-400
stand-harmcg-400 stand-iainm-400 stand-ianc-400 stand-made-400 stand-mbur-400
stand-rbak-400 stand-rmci-400 stand-robt-400 stand-sar-400 stand-sang-4001
stand-sw-400 stand-mms-4001 stand-almci-400 stand-blad-400 stand-vs-400
stand-wew-400 stand-humci-400 stand-paba-400 stand-kmac-400 stand-wgill-400
stand-dmac-400 stand-dhar-400 stand-dchev-400 stand-crj-400 stand-chs-400
stand-chrd-400 stand-brgi-400 stand-bben-400 stand-dmur-400 stand-dnmacl-400
stand-dyl-400 stand-elel-400 stand-frjl-400 stand-gege-400 stand-hgau-400
stand-hwm-400 stand-jbcr-400 stand-jmacd-400 stand-jobu-400 stand-jsh-400
stand-kevj-400 stand-kiat-400 stand-kmck-400 stand-lenh-400 stand-leog-400
stand-mgreg-400 stand-phi-400 stand-rach-400 stand-sth-400 stand-shd-400
stand-shb-400 stand-san-400 stand-rysm-400 stand-ryla-400 stand-rogg-400
stand-rosh-400 stand-retr-400 stand-romac-400
stand-blmac-400 stand-crmac-400
stand-clle-400 stand-trmac-400 stand-dmor-400 frwe-4001 jsyl-400
grro-400 emcc dpoi-400 bstew-400 alfr-400
mth-400 mcr-400 On behalf of the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women, thank you to all the men from across PEI who sent in their photos to take a stand with us against violence during December 2008 when we mark the National Day of Action and Remembrance on Violence Against Women and during Family Violence Prevention Week in February 2009.


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  2. Laurie Murphy said

    this brought tears to our eyes – the impact of the visual images is amazing. it communicates solidarity, an embrace of justice by all for all. Thanks! Laurie & Ronalda Murphy (Toronto, ON)

  3. Robert R. MacArthur said

    Someone pointed out that the poster on the site has my name as “Randy” instead of “Robert” – oops.

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